Majority of NH Republicans Support Secession: Poll

A survey published by the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence found that the majority of New Hampshire Republicans support secession from the united states. The terrifying news comes just months after nine Republicans proposed a constitutional amendment to secede from the union. Fortunately, the measure failed in the House, but many Republicans did support it, demonstrated by the large outpour of support at the public hearing. 

Dozens of radical libertarian conservatives armed with AR15s rally for gun rights

On Saturday, April 2nd, around 100 gun rights activists showed up at the state’s capital to rally in support of the right to keep and bear arms. Organized by the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire, the annual pro-gun rally is a popular event in New Hampshire. While there are surely gun rights rallies in all 50 states, two major things set the ‘live free or die’ state apart from the others. 

New Hampshire Legislature Is Deliberating Secession From America

On Thursday, the New Hampshire legislature seriously considered articles of secession. Legislation sponsored in November by nine Republican Representatives sought to remove the state from the union and make it into a totally independent country. The January public hearing in the House for CACR32 was filled with citizens who supported secession, and only one citizen spoke against the bill.  Over the following few weeks, a progressive Republican moderate showed great courage when he continually reminded Read more…

Cold-Hearted New Hampshire Capitalists

Compassionate progressives should think twice before moving to a state like New Hampshire. Many believe that because it borders Massachusetts and Vermont it must be progressive. This could not be further from the truth. The libertarians and conservatives are in full control of New Hampshire, and many of these state representatives have literally said that “taxation is theft” during official House speeches. Progressives that are unlucky enough to be in New Hampshire are fleeing in droves. And with good reason.

The Best States For Gun Control

Over the past few years, New Hampshire has eliminated its permit requirement for concealed carry. Yes, you read that correctly. Currently, any person in New Hampshire could buy a gun and carry it openly or hidden under their clothing without even having a permit – and this is totally legal! New Hampshire is now the #1 least restrictive state for firearms.

The Best States For Abortion

Now that New Hampshire has banned abortion, many progressives are rightfully looking to relocate to states that support a woman’s right to choose. Some states have very few restrictions on abortions, while a few others totally ban them. Increasingly, the united states are polarizing. You must equip yourself with the knowledge of the laws in each state if you want to have your constitutional right to abortion protected by your state. In 2021, the increasingly Read more…