Second Democratic Legislator Leaves New Hampshire

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The lawmakers’ moves away from the state come as policies shift away from progressivism and towards nearly-unprecedented levels of libertarian minimization of government programs. Many progressives have taken to Twitter recently to announce that they can no longer bear living in the live free or die state.

Over the past decade, New Hampshire has shifted dramatically away from the center-left policies that Vermont has been adopting. The most extreme laws passed in New Hampshire since 2010 include:

  • totally eliminating the permit requirement for any firearm to be carried openly or concealed 
  • Cutting state taxes and spending
  • Banning abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy
  • Stealing money from the public school system and letting parents use the money on private and home school, bankrupting our schools
  • Not mandating masks and vaccines statewide
  • Making it a crime for teachers to educate children about racism
  • Making vaccine mandates illegal

Sensing that free staters, libertarians, and conservatives have taken permanent control of the state, many progressives have been moving to better states over the past few months. But the highest profile name was Democratic Senate Leader and Gubernatorial nominee, Dan Feltes, who announced in October that he is moving to Iowa with his family. Feltes was seen as a rising star in the Democrat movement, but Dictator Sununu beat him in 2020 by a whopping 62% to 33% margin. Last week, Rep. Denny Ruprecht announced that he is resigning his position in the State House and moving to Vermont. 

As anti-government activists who embody the antithesis of progressivism continue to take over New Hampshire, we can expect to see many more prominent Democrats leaving the state.


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